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toothpick thin熟妇人妻精品一区二区视频

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toothpick thin熟妇人妻精品一区二区视频

Irish Fresh part 2 by Deman Terry McKing walked out the main office. She had made it there earlier then expected, despite her late night activities. At seven thirty in the morning she was already familiarizing herself with the school. She couldn’t help but notice the amount of students already there, especially since classes didn’t start until eight thirty. The ones there were the classic nerdy looking students. They were the ones with the big round glasses, and the pants far too high up their bodies. Most of them were guys, and Terry noticed how hard they were looking at her. She giggled at their gawking faces, and then she noticed the one or two girls hanging with them. They had the standard pure hatred look. All they saw was a dumb attractive girl who only got things with her hot sexy body. Terry loved those kinds of girls. She loved proving them wrong, and crushing their self-esteem, because Terry was actually pretty smart. It was a moment after seeing her peers that she ran into a skinny awkward girl in a jeans miniskirt and a white blouse under a sweater vest. Terry couldn’t really explain why she was suddenly so attracted to this girl. She was skinny, toothpick thin, and didn’t have much of a bust. Her chest could almost be described as a vertical wall, almost. Then there was her hair. It was a dark red and had been put up in a messy loose bun. It wasn’t the type of girl that Terry was usually into, but this girl had something about her. It was while she watching her new instant crush, Terry had run into her soon to be new best friend. His name was Mick Hanson. Mick Hanson was the local bad boy in town, although he was a pretty nice guy. Terry looked him up and down for one second and took mental note. She noted his short slicked back hair, the crucifix earring and smell of some expensive cologne. He may have been a bad boy, but he was also a rich boy. “Hey there pretty lady.” he said putting on fake charm. Terry decided to walk away from him instead of humouring him. “I’m not hitting on you.” he said. “I was there last night when you did that to Amanda. I found it amusing. You’re new here right, let me show you around.” “Sure, I could use a strong strapping lad like you to protect me.” Terry joked. “I’m Terry, Terry McKing.”“Mick Hanson.” he said. The two of them shook hands, as agreeing to a deal. Then the two of them made their way around the bend. Terry looked back as they turned, and found that her crush was gone. Then she saw a look that brought a sadistic joy to her face. One of the girls that had been giving hateful looks before now had a look of sickening disappointment. It was clear to her that she liked Mick, and the thought of the new girl getting him before her probably hurt like hell for the girl. “So Mick, how many girls have you done it with in this school?” Terry asked wanting to get more information out of him. “Six girls.” he said looking up for a moment. “The girls really like the bad boy thing.” “I’m sure they do, I’m sure they do.” said Terry. “But, six is nothing.” “Six is nothing? Well then how many girls have you had?” he said mockingly. “Let’s see. Five at home, two on the plane here, one in the air port, three at my cousin’s wedding, one here and finally two at during camp. So that’s fifteen.” she said boasting. Mick couldn’t help but smile. “Ok, fair enough.” he said. “So what was Amanda like? I heard from the guys that she’s a wild cat in the sack.” Terry stopped and started to laugh. She held herself under breast for nothing else, other then dramatic effect. “She’s a wild cat? In the sack? Yeah right. She was a virgin.” It was Mick’s turn to stop and laugh. “She was a virgin? Seriously?” Mick asked. Terry nodded and Mick began laughing again. All the while he was using his height difference to stare at Terry’s breast. They were quite hypnotic. Terry of course knew what he was doing and allowed it. The rest of the tour went by uneventfully, with brief fits of giggles about Amanda. When the bell rang Terry had made just in type for her first class, Gr. 11 biology. The teacher was a very attractive Latino woman with a large breasts and a thin frame. She had long black hair that reached half way down her back. Terry had to take a moment to breathe or risk soaking her panties. The teacher, Ms. Garcia, took a moment to give a run down of the class to Terry then instructed her to sit down in the one empty seat. That one empty seat happened to be right next to Terry’s Crush. As far as the day was going, Terry thought it was going great, greater then she thought, It only took a few moments after sitting down, that she learned her crush’s name. Her name was Rebecca Hanson. Terry was too smart to think it was just a coincidence. And it wasn’t. Rebecca happened to be Mick’s twin sister. Terry couldn’t help think how serendipitous this was; she had a crush, that honestly she couldn’t understand, and her newest friend just happened to be her brother. And then there was the feeling, the feeling she had when looking for prey. “So Rebecca, are you into girls?” Terry boldly asked not drawing attention to anyone else but Rebecca. “Don’t try to deny it, I can smell it one you.” Rebecca couldn’t hide the blush on her face. It was true, Rebecca was into girls, always had been even since grade school, but she wasn’t open about it. A girl as unpopular and awkward looking as her couldn’t afford that kind of ridicule. The kind of ridicule she thought Terry was about to dish out. She mentally braced herself for the jokes and insults, but then Terry did something completely different. Instead of jokes and insults Terry placed her hand on Rebecca’s thigh. Rebecca’s face got a brighter shade of red at that point, and got even redder when Terry’s hand slid up under the jeans miniskirt. Terry’s hand grazed Rebecca’s panties and sent shivers up Rebecca’s body. “Do you mind if I take a little dip?” Terry asked. She didn’t wait for permission as she slipped her index finger underneath Rebecca’s panties and into her tight virgin pussy. She wanted to scream at Terry, tell her to stop, but she couldn’t draw attention to herself. “Just relax and take it.” Terry was an expert with her fingers. She was giving Rebecca powerful tremors with slightest of movements. So much so that she had to rest her upper body on her desk and bite her arm, otherwise she would have screamed out in ecstasy. Terry, although appearing to none the wiser, was actually jumping up and down in her own mind. She was enjoying herself; a lot more then she thought she would, on her first day. The thing that made this situation even better for Terry was mumbling sounds she was hearing from Rebecca. Terry knew that Rebecca was almost at her peak, and that meant there was just one last thing to do, she pulled out. That action alone set Rebecca off. She jumped up and yelled out yes in her loudest voice. Luckily for her, her yell coincided with the bell for the next class. The other students simply assumed she was excited that the boring lecture was finally over. Rebecca blushed, grabbed all of her stuff and nearly ran out of the classroom. Terry stifled a giggle. She liked Rebecca more and more with each passing minute. “Mick, have you met that new girl yet?” Rebecca asked her brother during lunch. The two of them were sitting outside under the lager oak tree beside the school’s parking lot. She and her brother always sat there during lunch. It was really the only time they hung out at school. “She’s so…” “So what?” Terry asked smiling her wicked Ireland born smile. “I hope you’re not saying mean things behind my back. Hey Mick.” Rebecca looked from the new girl that violated and pleasured her, and her twin brother. She wondered what kind of relationship they had, and realized that Terry had answered her question. Her mind wouldn’t stop going back to her little experience in the classroom, and began to blush again. “Terry, how was your first two classes?” Mick asked as she sat down on the blue Mustang. It wasn’t hard for him to put two and two together, especially considering how fast she got Amanda into bed. “Excellent actually. Your sister was a real pleasure.” Terry said giving Rebecca a knowing look, and running her right hand through her long black hair with the electric blue highlights. “You’re into girls Rebecca? I had no idea.” said Mick wrapping his arm around Rebecca’s shoulders. “I’m so proud of you. Now I don’t have to be so overly protective when it comes to boys.” Rebecca gave him a light punch in the gut. It wasn’t as hard as Mick made it seem, but it was enough to bring a warm smile to Terry’s face. Then just as quickly as that smile appeared, it disappeared when she caught some one coming in the corner of her eye. It was Amanda. She was with her crew of friends, and apparently in bitch mode. Amanda and her friends stopped in front of Rebecca and Mick. She was Terry noticed wearing the same clothes from the night before. “Well, if it isn’t the delinquent and the freak. Are you still wasting precious air being alive?” Amanda said, and began laughing. And, as she started laughing, her band of cronies did to. “Yes. Yes we are. Is that a problem for you?” said Mick. “Because we have a problem with you.”“Oh, yeah, and what problem would that be?” Amanda asked unknowingly taking the bait. “The fact that you’re wearing the same outfit from last night, in shoes look almost worn out.” said Mick while Terry forced back a laugh. It was only after Terry had told Mick the story that she found out that busses didn’t run that time of night. Obviously she had to walk the entire way, and didn’t have the time or energy to change. Terry figured that she had also spent some time crying from the look of her bad make up job. “That lack of style is really offending my eyes.” “How dare you!” she began.“What’s the matter had a bad night?” Mick said. “Did you lose something? Something important to you?” Rebecca was looking from her brother to Amanda, the girl who’d been bullying her since preschool. It was the first time she ever saw Amanda so hurt. It was sad, but at the same time it felt good to see her pain. Anyone could see that she was fighting back tears. “So what was it you lost? A bracelet perhaps, a necklace? Maybe it was a picture of a loved one?” Mick taunted. It was brutal. Amanda couldn’t even talk back, and her cronies were surprised into silence. Terry couldn’t just sit back anymore. “Mick, stop messing with the poor girl.” said Terry. “Can’t you see she’s on the verge of tears?” That statement was made all the more true when she saw Terry. The sight of Terry brought the $memories of the previous night rushing back in waves; the taste of pussy, the anal penetration, and the most vivid of all was the destruction of her hymen. “Hello Amanda. You look swell, sorry about last night. If I’d known about the bus schedule, then I would have given you cab fare.” said Terry putting her hand on Amanda’s shoulder. “You’re a bitch!” said Amanda as she started to cry. Then when she saw that Terry wasn’t at all hurt, and was actually smiling,在线播放真实国产乱子伦 like she usually was, Amanda took a swing. Terry had grown up in Ireland with cousins that did nothing but fight, so it was a simple matter for her to dodge. Then as she dodged, Terry caught her arm and twisted her around so she was facing her pack. Amanda was being held in a tight embrace against Terry’s c cup breast, and she had to admit to herself that she kind of liked. “No Amanda, you’re a bitch. You were my bitch last night, and you’re my bitch right now. If I wanted to, I could make you go on your knees and pleasure me right here in front of your friends, and make you like It.” she whispered into Amanda’s ear. For a second there was a horrified look and then a look of defeat. “You were a one night stand. Don’t feel hurt about it. Now go run along, until I call you again.” Terry let go of Amanda, and she stumbled a few steps away.Amanda turned to face Terry, and then Mick and Rebecca. Her face was contorted into the angriest face any of them had ever seen, then walked away, leaving her friends standing there looking surprised and stupid. They had no idea what just happened, and neither did Rebecca. Terry gave the two confused young women a sly smile and it spoke more then she could ever say. Terry was sending out the signal the simpletons. They began to feel hot between their legs, and weak in the knees. They couldn’t explain what was going on, and in that fear they ran away. “Did I miss something?” Rebecca asked. “Because, I think I just saw the wicked bitch of the west cry and run away.” “The girls just can’t get enough me.” said Terry smugly. “She was just working off the double edge effects of my, oh so good loving.” Mick laughed out loud and Terry joined him almost instantly. Rebecca was still in the dark about what Terry was talking about. That being the case, Mick took a moment or two to explain everything. After that Rebecca was laughing with them. “So you have lesbian detection?” Rebecca asked. “Yes. Yes I do. I even have the power to make straight women gay.” said Terry thumping her chest. “So Amanda’s a dyke?” asked Rebecca trying to clear up some things.“I had no idea.” “No, she was straight. I just bent her.”“And, then shoved a dildo up her ass.” Mick added. “Hmm, so Terry, could ask you something? Could you get me a date with Karen Rhodes?” Rebecca asked. Mick and Terry both looked at Rebecca confused. Then a frown dawned on Terry’s face. The smile was faked. But, it did add to the dramatic effect. “So, what am I not good for you?” “I think you’re a bit much for me. Just look at what you did to Amanda, the resident evil bitch. I don’t think I could handle you.” said Rebecca. “Aw, that’s sweet. You’re full of crap, but that’s sweet.” said Terry smiling again. “I’ll help you, but you owe me one.” The next day Terry had made a grand entrance. She drifted into her self proclaimed parking spot next to the oak tree. She put the car in park, and then stepped out her Mustang. She was wearing what she called her battle gear. Her hair was pulled back with a hair band, her upper body was covered by a black leather jacket over a hand made white sleeveless turtleneck. Covering her lower body were black leather knee high boots, and a black leather miniskirt. She would have worn her biker gloves, but she hadn’t unpacked them yet. Dressed like that, Terry was ready for battle. She was a young woman on a mission. And, that mission was to get Karen Rhodes hot heavy and wanting to go out with Rebecca. The first thing was to find her. Karen Rhodes was a popular girl among the unpopular. She was into art and music of every genre. She was the kind of girl that stood up for causes and went to rallies. And, despite that she was actually a pretty attractive girl. When Terry saw her in the art room she felt a rush. She could see why Rebecca wanted her. Karen was a little bit shorter then Terry, with long black and pink hair. She was wearing a school girl outfit, which was strange because their school didn’t have a uniform. Karen was taking pictures, and hadn’t noticed that Terry was standing behind her. She take notice however when Terry slipped her right hand on her tit and her left hand snaked up Karen’s skirt. Karen gasped and shuddered in Terry’s arm. “You must be that new girl.” said Karen. “I saw your little display the other night and I couldn’t help being impressed.” “Well, I’m glad. I hope I can impress you just as much today as I did then.”Said Terry twisting her fingers inside Karen’s snatch. From the feel of her pussy, Terry could tell that Karen wasn’t a virgin. “I’m sure you will. Aw that’s the spot. So what did you want?” Karen asked. “What makes you think that I wanted something? Maybe I just enjoy feeling up random girls.” Said Terry. “I can tell from your moves new girl. You’re trying to get something from Me.” said Karen. “So what do want?”“My new friend, Rebecca Hanson, wants a date with you. I want you to say yes.” said Terry lightly scraping Karen’s clit with her thumb nail. “Sure, but only if you lick me.” “Is that all?” Terry said. Terry extracted her fingers and heard Karen gasp, and then removed her hand from Karen’s tit. Terry pushed Karen against the table lightly, and then lifted her short skirt above her waist. Terry licked her lips as she sunk to her knees. Terry knelt in front of Karen and moved the girl’s pink thong to the side. Terry’s tongue extended and then began to gently caress Karen’s pussy lips. It was enough to send a shiver through Karen. Another lick and Karen was lying on her back. Terry loved to tease. She would tease them until her partner’s body begged to be released. It didn’t matter if the girl said it in words; Terry just had a sixth sense about the language of screwing. Karen began to writhe on the table from Terry’s expert ministrations. At no point did Terry speed up her licks. She made each lick agonizingly slow, building up the on coming orgasm. Karen curled her toes inside her shoes, and then curled her hands into fists. She would curl something else, but there was nothing else to curl. Terry looked up and saw her desired effect occur. With another of her sinister smiles, Terry decided that it was time to end Karen and her session. She removed her face from Karen’s pussy and looked up. She saw the desperation in Karen’s eyes. There was a moment when Terry thought of torturing her and then thought just to finish her off. With that thought in mind Terry ducked back down, and blew softly. The burst of air tickled Karen’s rosebud, and Karen exploded. Every tightened muscle loosened up and she went limp. At the same time she was having mini spasms on top of the table. “So should we say Friday after school?” asked Terry sitting on the day beside Karen’s head.“Sure, anything you want.” said Karen letting out a bit of drool. “Good, now have a nice day.” said Terry flipping her hair and leaving Karen on her back dripping from her snatch. “The date’s set, Rebecca.” said Terry in biology class. “Friday after school.” “Thanks Terry.” said Rebecca. “You’re welcome.” replied Terry slipping her fingers under Rebecca’s skirt. “Can you stop that?” Rebecca asked silently so the rest of the class wouldn’t hear. “I could, but I don’t feel like it. Just sit back and enjoy.” said Terry smiling. “Just enjoy it.” -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After a week at her new school Terry had made a couple of friends. There was Mick, Rebecca, Karen, a girl in her gym class named Mary and even Amanda. Amanda didn’t hang with Terry in public, but nights were a different story. Every night since Terry humiliated her in front of her friends, and enemies, the two of them were fucking like bunnies. Well, Terry was doing the fucking and Amanda was taking it. Terry was on her king sized bed. She was lying on her back with her arms behind her head. She had her strap-on attached, and was currently inserted Amanda’s pussy. She was going wild as she bounced up and down on the hard plastic toy. The dildo hit every one of her good places as she rode up and down. Even so she had a sullen look on her face. “What’s wrong?” Terry asked. “Nothing.” Amanda replied. “No, there is something. It’s this situation.” Terry had a looked as if she understood how she was feeling. Amanda was feeling used, like some kind of cheap slut. “Tell me what’d you like.” said Terry. “I don’t know, maybe something…”“Let me guess, something more romantic?” Terry said. “Maybe a movie, or a dinner.” Terry was listing ideas when Amanda unexpectedly planted her lips onto Terry’s lip. Terry was surprised. In all their time together the two of them never made out, but the other thing that surprised her was the force of Amada’s passion. Terry had always been the dominant one of the two of them. It took a second for Terry to get into the flow of things. She flipped herself and Amanda over and then began to thrust into her harder. The two of them were groping at each others like the horny teenagers they were. “Oh God!” yelled Amanda when the two of them finally escaped each other for air. “Oh God.” “That was a rush I didn’t expect.” said Terry rolling off of Amanda. “Great.” said Amanda getting up from the bed. It was the standard routine that Amanda had become accustomed to doing. After their little tryst Terry would usually demand that she get the hell out of her house. It wasn’t her favourite part of the night, but she’d grown used to it. She was half way to the door when Terry did something unexpected. “Don’t go Amanda.” said Terry. Amanda stopped dead in her tracks, and then turned around. “Why don’t you stay here tonight?” “Do you mean it, you want me to stay?” Amanda asked trying to force back a joyous smile. “Yes.” replied Terry. “Now stop standing there and come back to bed.” Amanda dropped her clothes and sprinted back into Terry’s bed. She tucked herself under Terry’s arm and rested her head on Terry’s voluptuous breast. Terry began to stroke Amanda’s blond hair and then smiled. That night Terry and Amanda’s relation changed. The relation went from the meaningless nightly quickies, to something a little more intimate. To be continued…




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