I'll show you"丝袜老师办公室里做好紧好爽

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I'll show you"丝袜老师办公室里做好紧好爽

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I'll show you"丝袜老师办公室里做好紧好爽

Department Store ShockerMy name is Tom and I am your typical 30 year old married guy.What is atypical about me is my wife, Tara of 10 years.She is a feisty little blonde that keeps me on my toes in many ways.We are not exactly way out there when it comes to sex, but we've tried some different things over the years.Tara is usually more cautious than I am.We were recently out shopping for some new clothes.I was hoping to find a new shirt for work and she was hoping to buy lot's of stuff, because apparently that is her favorite past time.We were at our third department store of the evening and I was growing tired of the process.I was standing over in the men's clothing when I spotted an attractive woman headed toward the front registers.She was one of those women you couldn't help but notice, even if you tried.She had well styled, shoulder length brunette hair with some highlights.She walked with a strong stride revealing her long slim legs that were appropriately hugged by black slacks.She wore a coat that hung down to her upper thigh and was fitted at her waste.I couldn't see her face or a lot of her body, but still my eyes were drawn to her.When I discovered I was staring, I looked away then I saw her moving to the jewelry counters and it became clear she was an employee.I moved into a better position and caught a glimpse of her.Her striking face was well framed by her hair and her thin neck made me really want to see her body underneath that coat, but she was still 50 feet away from me."What about this one?", I heard Tara say from behind me.I had totally forgotten that we were looking at shirts.Fortunately she had her back turned the whole time and hadn't noticed my momentary departure of attention."No, that one's too expensive", I told her refocussing myself.Our conversation continued as we milled through the men's clothing area.After a while, I glanced back to the jewelry counter only to see that the attractive brunette was no longer there.I was actually a little disappointed.We relocated to the women's clothes where Tara wanted to show me some items she had seen.As I glanced around my eyes were caught by that same woman.Now she was about 25 feet away but looked much different.She was standing in the aisle rearranging one of the display tables, but now she did not have her coat on.Her black slacks hugged her body perfectly and with her back turned to me I could see her tight but."She must work out", I thought.Next she turned giving me a good look at her.She was wearing a tight fitting purple long sleeved shirt.It clung close to her body revealing a very slim figure.She was about 5'7" and most of that was legs.When she turned to the side I could see her pert breasts protruding from her fit figure.They were not very big, probably a B cup, but looked like they would be fun to play with.She was quite a sight to take in.I could even feel myself firming up a little bit in response to her."Attention Customers", a voice rang out, snapping me out of my daze."the store will be closing in five minutes", it concluded."Come here", Tara said grabbing my hand and walking out of the women's section, "I want you to try one thing on before they close".My attention turned to Tara as we she walked in front of me pulling on my hand.Although I had been oogling the store employee, my wife is no sluff.She's a tiny woman, only about 5'4" and 115 pounds.Her butt looked great in her tight little jeans and when she turned to smile at me her blue eyes flashed.Her long, blonde hair was one of my favorite features.I loved to feel her hair run down my body as she would kiss down my chest and blow me.It was at that point I realized that I was growing even harder thinking about her."Where are we going?",I asked, "The store's about to close"."Just come on, I'll show you", she said with a smile on her face.We proceeded to enter the men's section and she continued straight through the clothes toward the changing room.As we approached the door I spoke up, "What is it you want me to try on?I don't have anything".She stopped at the door and leaned toward my ear.I felt her right hand pressing against my crotch, "You're gonna try me on", she whispered in my ear.I'm sure the shock on my face was quite obvious.I saw her glance around to check that no one was watching and then she pulled me into the men's changing room."The store is about to close, which means nobody will be trying anything on", she said pulling me down the middle of the changing rooms.At the very end of the row was a changing room with a door facing the aisle.She proceeded to push the door open and pull me in.Before I could completely comprehend all that was going on she had my pants unbuttoned and my zipper down.I looked up to see the changing room door wide open as I felt her hand enter my boxers and wrap around my hardening cock.From this dressing room I was looking straight down the aisle of stalls at the entrance of the room.If someone walked in I was busted.Tara used her left hand to push the door to and proceeded to drop my pants to the floor revealing me fully to her."O baby", she said, "I've been wanting this all night".Her hands were soft as she cradled my balls in one hand and stroked my hard cock with the other.She quickly dropped to her knees and took me deep into her mouth and moaned.My knees grew weak from the pleasure as I was hard as a rock.She proceeded to roll her tongue over my tip and then quickly popped back to her feet and began to kiss me deeply, inserting her tongue.My hands instantly found there way up her shirt to hold her plump breasts.I heard her zipper and then felt her jeans drop to the floor."Try me on big boy", she said with a smile on her face.She then proceeded to jump up onto me wrapping her legs around my waste.I pushed her back against the stall wall for support and saw the door swing open from the impact, but even if someone entered the changing room, they wouldn't see us unless they came all the way back to our stall as we were beside the door now.As I stood there holding her, she lowered down and my hard cock found it's way into her very wet pussy.She felt amazing.I proceeded to thrust my hips as she raised and lowered using her legs gripped around my waste.I slid out and then forced my way back in pushing her back against the dressing room wall.I could feel the whole stall moving from the impact.Tara's face became flush after only a couple of thrusts and I realized she was as turned on as I was.I went hard and deep into her three or four times and she exploded with pleasure.At that point I couldn't contain myself any longer and blew a massive load deep inside of her as she continued to orgasm.My cock seemed to pump forever and I could feel her juices and mine running down my body.She leaned against the wall, as she was perched on my cock.I slowly lifted her up, freeing my still hard cock and lowered her to her feet."It's a really good fit", I said short of breathe."Sure is", she said gasping for air too."The store is now closed please bring your merchandise to the front", a voice boomed throughout the building.Tara giggled as she reached down and pulled up her pants.I did the same and within seconds we were exiting the dressing room area.As we moved toward the exit I was lost in amazement at what had just taken place."Excuse me", I heard a voice from a slight distance, "Sir, Maam?"I didn't think much of it until I heard again, "Sir, Maam, one moment please."Tara looked at me with a slightly confused and worried look.I knew that no one had seen what we did, the changing room was empty the whole time, so I turned to find out what was going on and there she was walking toward us.It was the brunette and she still looked amazing as she got closer.Her body was even better up close than at the distances I had witnessed it before."Yes?", Tara responded nonchalantly."I'm the store manager", she said firmly, "and I need you two to come with me.""Why?", Tara responded, now concerned."Let's not do this here", she said looking around at the handful of customers checking out around us."Please come with me."She turned and began to walk.I had the sudden desire to turn and run out of the store, but I wasn't a shoplifter and this wasn't the principals office.Tara shot me a confused look and we followed the woman to the back of the store.I tried not to stare at her butt the whole way, but it was difficult.When we reached the back of the store, she pulled out a keycard, swiped it and went through the door marked "employees only".She gestured us past as she held the door for us.We went to the end of the hall and she opened an office door and invited us in.Not that we felt much choice in the matter.The office was very nice with a large desk with a flat panel monitor on it and two chairs facing it.The art of the wall was very classy and professional just like the attractive woman.It was amazing that she could be that sexy and that professional all at once.She was surprisingly young to hold such a high position in a fancy department store.Maybe 26 or 27 years old."Have a seat please", she gestured to the two chairs as she went to sit down at her desk."Let's start by getting a name and phone number from each of you for follow up.", she said matter of factly while pulling a pad out of her desk.Still confused, we gave her the information she requested."I'm sure you are aware as to why I have requested your presence?", she said leaning over the desk."Not really", Tara said now with some real concern in her voice.The woman just nodded her head and pressed a couple of keys on her keyboard.Next she proceeded to turn the monitor on her desk around for us to see.I can't imagine the expression on our faces.There on the screen was a security video of us entering the changing room.You could see directly through the door of the changing room.Thank goodness only Tara's back was visible when she was opening and dropping my pants, then the door closed.I knew from this point that we were out of the sight of that camera for the rest of the time.What a relief."We were just having a little fun", Tara said slightly relieved."It's not over yet", the brunette pointed toward the screen.After a minute the door reopened but of course we were next to it and out of sight, but when the door reached a certain point and there was a mirror reflecting an image.Our activities were very clear in the mirror.The woman punched a couple more buttons on her computer and it zoomed in on the mirror.There was my naked butt as I thrust into Tara against the wall.Tara's face was quite clear as well.The woman paused the video at a point when Tara's mouth and eyes were wide open with pleasure.A look I recognized from seeing her orgasm in the past."We have a very high quality video surveillance system to avoid theft.While we can't have them in the changing rooms, we can have them in the common dressing room area.", she said straightly.Tara and I just sat there staring at the picture of our half naked bodies on the screen in front of this woman.I was more embarrassed than anyone as it was my bare butt thrusting over and over on the screen.We were speechless."So, as you can see we have an issue here", the young manager explained.Now I could see her dark brown eyes and strong cheekbones.Her breasts were so perfectly outlined by her shirt.How could I be thinking that at that point?"We're sorry", Tara said, "it won't happen again."No it won't", I chimed in, feeling that I should speak considering I was the naked one on the screen."I understand that", she responded, "but there are some pretty serious implications here.""What kind of implications?", Tara asked."Well, I can't just ignore this.I have a responsibility here.If I turn this into the authorities you will be charged with indecent exposure and lude behavior.You could even be placed on a sex offender registry since you were in a place that children could have seen you.As you can see this is a difficult spot for all of us", she explained seriously."You don't have to do that", Tara inserted nervously.The manager spun the screen back around and I was relieved to not be looking at my naked figure locked in a sexual act.Then I realized that the beautiful brunette was now viewing the image of me and I found myself even more uncomfortable.After looking at the screen for an awkward, silent moment she spoke."Maybe we can work something out", she said looking at Tara while punching a couple more keys on her keyboard."Anything, please", Tara pleaded with fear in her voice."You look very happy in this picture", she said."Is that a correct assessment?""Well, of course I am", Tara responded, "I was having an orgasm.""Let's see what it takes to make you happy", the manager continued, "strip him down."The words hung in the air for a moment and I looked at Tara with a look of terror."What?", Tara exclaimed."Look, I've worked really hard to get this position and I don't have much of a social life.", the beautiful brunette continued."I've already seen his ass, I'd like to see what else he has that makes you so happy?Please stand up and allow her to remove your clothes."I didn't know how to respond and Tara just looked at me with a look of disbelief."You want me to take my clothes off?", I asked."No", the manager responded straight, "I want her to take your clothes off"."You're serious?", Tara responded still stunned."Yes ma'am", the brunette responded in a professional tone."I'm here late because of you, and I want to see what is so good that you couldn't wait till you got home, or at least to the car.It's either that or I'll spend my time filing a report.It's up to you what I do with that time."Tara looked at me and whispered,久久久久久精品无码 "What do we do?".I did not respond verbally, I just stood up in front of her and gestured her toward Tara to proceed.I couldn't see any other way out of this situation.Tara just looked at me as if asking if I was sure and I just stood there making it clear that she was to proceed.Tara proceeded to scoot to the edge of her chair and unbutton my pants."Let's make sure we get the shoes and all", the manager instructed.I slid my shoes off while Tara proceeded to lower my pants.next she stood up and pulled on my shirt.I raised my hands up as she slid it off over my head.It's funny because normally I would be extremely turned on by her undressing me, but this time it was just awkward.There I stood just in my boxers and Tara paused."The suspense is killing me", the brunette said with some sarcasm in her voice, "Let's get those off."Tara shot her a dirty stare and then looked up at me as if to get approval.I just nodded my head and she slowly slid my boxers down to the floor.There I hung in front of this gorgeous manager, totally exposed, yet she was fully clothed as was Tara.To say I felt naked would have been an accurate statement."Very good", the brunette said as she eyed my exposed body."Not too shabby".I remembered at that moment how I had stared at her in the store, but felt she had a definite advantage on me.Her deep brown eyes were piercing as she examined me from behind her desk.While I was so uncomfortable, I also found myself surprisingly aroused by the situation.My cock was slightly plumped up, but not in a obvious way.At least I was making a good showing."Ok", she said.As she leaned back in her desk chair she revealed again her slim waste and pert breasts that were tightly fitted by her shirt.She was definitely in good shape.Tara began to reach for my clothes when the woman interrupted her action."Let's see what he's really got.""What do you mean?", Tara responded in unbelief."He wasn't giving you an orgasm with that", the brunette explained."I said that I wanted to see what you couldn't resist, so I want to see him athis full potential.""I think this has gone far enough", Tara said.It was strange standing there completely naked while these two fully clothed, beautiful women argued about whether I was going to be aroused or not."Honey", I spoke up, "It's fine, let's just give her what she wants".I knew that all of this was at my expense and I was OK with it.I didn't want her to get in any trouble."Can we do this like this?", she responded."Baby, you can get me hard anywhere anytime", I encouraged her, "I'll just have to focus.""How do you want me to...", Tara asked."Just do what you always do", I responded."I'm the one naked here, not you.""Well then, let's get started", the brunette interjected becoming impatient.She crossed her legs and began to watch my cock intently.Tara closed her eyes as if to block out her surroundings, especially the woman in attendance and began to touch the tip of my cock with her index finger.It felt good as my fully exposed cock and balls could feel the air circulating around them.Next she took her left hand and cupped my dangling balls.My body was responding, but not as quickly as usual, since we had just had sex about 20 minutes before.I wished the process would go more quickly for Tara's sake.I looked over at the brunette.She was just sitting there gazing at my cock as Tara proceeded to wrap her hand around it.I was beginning to grow more firm.My eyes locked on the managers mouth sized breasts and her flat, firm belly as she sat back in her office chair.I could see her collar bone as it was raised from her chest and her long neck looked like something I'd like to nibble on.Now I was growing much harder."Well, you do have something there, now don't you", she said, still staring at my growing cock. That really started turning me on.Then she lightly licked her lips.Tara tried to ignore her as she fondled my tip and then wrapped her hand firmly around my cock and gave me a good stroke.I began to feel great pleasure by her hand.Now I was hardening quickly.The brunette leaned forward in her chair still completely fixating on my hardening cock."Damn, that thing just keeps growing", the manager inserted."Keep it up girl".Finally I was at full salute.I could feel the cold precum forming on my tip."Wow, Ok, hold it right there", the manager spoke up.She opened up her drawer and dug around for a moment.My cock was bobbing in the open air as Tara looked to the woman.She pulled out a soft measuring tape for clothing fittings, stood and walked around the desk."Excuse me", she said to Tara, brushing her out of the way.Tara looked offended and surprised.I was past surprised, now buck naked, and hard as a rock in front of a beautiful blonde and a beautiful brunette.The manager reached her hands down to my cock with the measuring tape in her hand.I felt her lay it along my cock, but she didn't touch me with her fingers."Nice", she said with satisfaction in her voice.Next she wrapped the tape around my cock, measuring girth."I'll bet that takes a little getting used to", she said seemingly to herself."Well", the gorgeous brunette said after closely examining my fully erect cock, "I can see how you found this irresistible.That is a very impressive trait your man has here." She said turning her head toward Tara.Tara gave her a "duh", look as if it were obvious that I was desirable."And I would also say", she said turning back to me, her body only about an inch from touching my pointing cock, "you were definitely worth staying late for tonight", she spoke it softly while leaning into my face almost as if she were going to kiss me, yet our bodies did not touch.I felt a chill of desire move through my entire body.When she turned away I wanted to grab her and take her right then, but I refrained.The manager sat down in her chair facing us."So are we done here?", Tara asked."Seriously?", the brunette responded sarcastically, "You are not going to waste that amazing erection are you?After all he's done for you, give the poor man some relief".For once Tara didn't argue.It would've been cruel and unusual punishment not to give me release at that point.I didn't care who was watching.Tara moved back over to me and looked up into my eyes."You are amazing", she said and then proceeded to wrap her hand around my cock and stroke.I closed my eyes in ecstacy.When I opened them I saw that brunette sitting there watching my wife stroke my cock.She watched intently, while fiddling with the keyboard and monitor on her desk.Tara wrapped her mouth around my cock.The warmth of her mouth was amazing and her tongue probed al around my wet tip."O baby, that's what I call a mouthful", the sexy brunette interjected as she observed the incredible blow job I was receiving.I looked over at the manager when she spoke.Her deep brown eyes locked with mine.I could feel Tara going harder, now stroking me with her hand while sucking.The store manager looked deep into my eyes, and lightly licked her lips.Her lips were wet and looked so soft, then she bit her upper lip slightly.Her tongue looked tentalating.Tara pushed hard with her hand pulling the skin tight and holding it.She withdrew me from her mouth and began to flick her tongue over my pulsating tip.The brunette opened her mouth and began to roll her tongue as if showing me what she was capable of, then she made a strong biting motion.With that I lost it, blowing a massive load all over Tara and the nice office carpet.After all of that time the release was enough to make me want to collapse on the floor.The manager began to applaud."Big cocks blow big loads!", she said while mock clapping."Bravo, my boy, bravo.You are a show worth seeing from beginning to end".I fell back into the chair, my cock still dripping with come and pointing up in the air.Tara looked me in the eyes and mouthed the words "Thank you.""Oh, yes",the striking brunette added."Thank you very much.I'll let you out the front as soon as you feel like you can walk"."And what about the recording?", Tara asked."Yes, the recording.I'll receive many a night of pleasure by watching it and the one I just took."She turned the monitor to display a recording of Tara stroking my cock in the office, than turned the monitor back around, she gestured to a small circle toward the top of her monitor.It was a camera."You recorded that?", Tara exclaimed."The changing room recording was hot, but this was extraordinary and I mean extra ordinary", she paused staring at the screen."I'll get off to that one a thousand times, but it's not good blackmail material, so I'll hang on to the first one in case I would like to call onyou again", she said gesturing to the paper with our names and phone numbers on it."I'll be at the front when you are ready."She left the room and I began to get dressed.Neither one of us really said much on the way out the door.We had both been played and humiliated.Don't get me wrong, it was hot to get off in front of two hot women, but that's not exactly the way I had envisioned it.As the manager opened the front door for us, she said, "You take care now", and winked at me licking her lips.After being in the car for a couple of minutes I received a text from an unknown number that read, "I saw the way you were looking at me, Michelle".Well, at least now I knew her name, but I didn't dare tell Tara it was her.



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