then went to her chest熟妇丰满ⅴideosxxxxx

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then went to her chest熟妇丰满ⅴideosxxxxx

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then went to her chest熟妇丰满ⅴideosxxxxx

Megan decided to take a morning jog at 5 am. She threw on a very small pair of runner shorts and a black sports bra. After putting on her shoes, she bolted out the door to start her run. It was still pretty dark outside but she wasn't too worried seeing that she lived in a pretty peaceful area. She decided to go down the bike trail, keeping a decent pace as she jogged past all the trees and bushes. As she got about a half mile down the trail, she heard a sound. It sounded like something running through the bushes on the side of the trail. Megan looked behind her and couldn't see anything and just chalked it up to it being just her imagination. So, she continued to run. Soon, she heard it again and when she looked back, she saw the bushes on the left side of the trail shaking. This spooked her and she started to run really fast. The sound could be heard again but this time it was more rapid as if something was trying to keep up to her pace. Megan picked up the pace, running as fast as she could. After running about a quarter mile, she could no longer hear anything and stopped to catch her breath. Whatever it was, she figured she must have lost it. Megan slowly walked down the path as she tried to catch her breath, her body was tensed up and shaking from being so spooked. She looked at her watch and realized she had only been running half an hour. It was starting to get a little light out. If she walked the rest of the way down the trail, she will get on the highway and make her way home from there. She figured this would be the best idea to avoid whatever it was back there. As she made her way closer to the end of the trail, something appeared about four yards ahead of her. She couldn't tell what it was for all she was able to see was it's silouette. Taking a few steps back, she tried to decide if it would be a good idea to turn around and run or not. The silouette started to walktowards her. Fear overtook her and she didn't know what to do, all she could do was slowly step backwards. It started approaching at a quicker pace. Megan tried to the same but lost her step and fell backwards. She landed hard on her ass.As soon as she was able to look up, it got closer. Now she was able to see what has been chasing her. It was a massive dog, the biggest dog she has ever seen. Easily twice the size of her. It was a Neapolitan Mastiff with thick black fur and giant head. Megan started to tremble in fear when she saw his huge red veiny cock hang from him. It was slightly erect and Megan feared what the beast intended to do with that massive thing. Before she knew it, the creatures huge head was now sniffing over her fit and petite body. She trembled as it's nose hovered over her, sniffing almost every part of her young body. It sniffed at her neck, then went to her chest, it's nose slightly pushing into her right breast. It went down and started to sniff her bare stomach. It must of liked the smell of the sweat cause it started to lick her abs with it's massive tongue. The tongue was very powerful and Megan could feel it's strength as it slid across her stomach, slightly making her body move. Then it decided to go lower, this alarmed Megan and she started to scoot away from him. This upset the beast and he let out a low growl. She froze as she heard this. The dog went back to sniffing at her crotch. He nose pushed right into her, sniffing rapidly. It liked it and started licking her though her small shorts. It's saliva drenched the crotch of her shorts, making them more impressionable and easy for them to be pushed to the side. Megan remembered that she didn't have any underwear on as she felt his tongue started pushing into her pussy. Megan tried to hold her composure as the beast violated her with it's giant tongue. But she couldn't stop herself from squirming. Each lick seemed to have gotten deeper with each swipe. She started to feel her body began to betray her as she felt an orgasm begin to build up. This caused her to squirm her petite body even more. She tried really hard to fight it but as his tongue made it's way deeper in her,波多野吉衣 it dawned on her that it would be a losing battle. The dog wanted more of this sweet young and hairless pussy, so he tried to get in deeper. Megan soon found her entire crotch was in the dogs mouth so he can get in her even more. Her ass resting on his lower jaw and she can feel his canines slighty touching her lower stomach. Megan started to moan as her body quivered inside the creatures mouth. It's tongue snaking around every crevice of her. Her gorgeous legs started to kick and flail as the dog picked her ass up about two feet off the ground. Only her upper back and head rested on the ground. The orgasm begin to really build up and Megan started to lose herself. She let out a loud gasp as her body exploded in climax. Her body started to shake violently and soon went completely limp. She never experienced such an intense orgasm in her life. Her whole body was numb and unable to move as she dog still had her in his mouth, tongue still deep inside her snaking around rapidly. After getting more of the young girls flavor, the beast finally released her young body from his jaws. Her limp body dropped to ground. She was still in shock at what just happened to her. She tried to get up but as soon as she was on her hands and knees, she felt the beasts jaws grab her tiny waist and lift her up in the air. After experiencing such an intense orgasm, Megan had no fight in her. So, she had no choice but to let the dog take her. It was obvious that this monster still had more plans for this girls young body.TO BE CONTINUED...




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