getting head熟妇高潮喷沈阳45熟妇高潮喷

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getting head熟妇高潮喷沈阳45熟妇高潮喷

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getting head熟妇高潮喷沈阳45熟妇高潮喷

Diaries of a Soldier-R&R (part 2) The next day or two after arriving home from Iraq was pretty much spent in bed, or on the couch, or in the shower, or on that kitchen table Kimmie had said she got off craigslist.We fucked till we couldn't fuck anymore, or so I thought.But as the days wore on my phone began to ring more and more finally after 3 days of being home not doing anything but fucking my whore wife, smoking weed, drinking beer and eating home cooked meals, I got a text message.It was from my boy and it read, "If your gonna keep ignoring your phone I'm just gonna have to come over there.So stop fucking and take a shower I'm on my way."Well I guess it was time to see some people other then my wife and her tight pussy.We rushed around to clean the house we had fucked into a huge mess before a car pulled up with a few farmiliar faces we went out to meet.Scott, Dan, and Bill hoped out and I realized again I was home. "How long you gonna ignore your phone and fuck your life away?"Dan asked with a smile on his face with a quick glance over at Kimmie. "Would have been longer if you didn't interuped us."Kimmie shot back with a playful tone. "Well we gave you 3 days alone with him but now it's guys time."With that Scott opened the trunk of his car and sitting there was a very cold untapped keg. "Oh great."Kimmie said quietly and walked back up to the apartment to get it ready for theapparently long night ahead of us."I'm gonna invite some girls over so I don't have to put up with you boys all by myself." "And make sure they're good looking to."Dan yelled out as we got the keg out the trunk We all went up stairs and drinking ensueed.These were the type of friends only the truely loyal can obtain, through years of trial and tribulations we have all always had eachothers backs.We didn't need to see eachother everyday or even every year to know the love would always be there.I was unprepaired for a keg, no ice, no container for the ice. "So what's the deal with these girls you are calling Kimmie are they coming?We need ice before this thing gets too warm" "Katrina and Sam are on their way over I'll tell em to get some." "Tell em to get a lot of ice."By the time the girls got there the keg was probable almost half way gone in less then a hour.We picked it up and put it in the tub with some water and the ice and we were back in business.Katrina and Sam were 2 old friends that I and Kimmie, well all of us went to High School together now that I think of it.So we all were comfortable around eachother. "Welcome home!"Katrina said with a big smile and a huge."Has this wife of yours taken care of you."She shot a sly look at my crotch that only I saw as she said this. "Yeah she's been pretty good to me so far."I replied as I pulled Kimmie close to me."But she has a lot more work to do before I leave. "You got a lot more work to do."Kimmie shot back grabbing my crotch very aggressive but playfully. Stories flowed like the tap of Bud Light.Stories of war, stories of far lands I've seen and people I've met.Their stories from back home, of jobs had and lost, girls that have come and gone, and the ever growing list of our friend that have "fallen off" to hardcore drugs and died or were in jail.It's always bittersweet coming home for any soldier I think, you miss home but there was a reason you left in the first place.Beer flowed, blunts were smoked, bongs were packed, we were getting fucked up.I noticed things slowing down as the night wore on.The last beers we got out of the keg Kimmie was sleeping on the couch.I woke her up and asked her if she wanted to go to bed and she said yes. "Anyone that wants to say the night can,"Kimmie said as she stummbled to bed "If your as drunk as me I know you can't drive.""I think I have to say"Katrina said "I can't drive right now." "Well we're gonna get out of here."Dan said standing "Can you give me a ride home too?"Sam asked "Yeah no problem." I helped them all to the car and hoped they would get home safe. "Call me when you get home I'll stay up."I said to Dan "Yeah man, we still on for 4 wheeling tomorrow?" "Yes, I'll talk to you about it in the morning but don't forget to call me tonight." "No worries homie, good to see you man." "Later guys, later Sammy." I walked back up to my apartment and Katrina was sitting on the couch rolling a blunt, braking up the weed on one of my pictures from Iraq.I laughed and handed her a magazine. "You changed clothes?"I said "Yeah I went in and stole some shorts and a tanktop to sleep in from Kimmie.She didn't even wake up." "Well that's good she was trashed, I should go check on her." "She's fine I was just in there, lets smoke this blunt." I plopped on my couch next to Katrina as she sparked the blunt.She took a few hits then passed it to me.She then picked up the pictures from Iraq that were on the coffee table and flipped through them. "Is it hard over there?"She asked as I passed the blunt to her "Sometimes.Sometimes it's so easy you want to kill yourself from boredom." "Bored!?Look at all these big guns you get to play with, how could that be boring?" "It's just a hard situation, lots of emotions; fear, anger, depression, patriotism, loyalty, loneliness and yeah boredom.Ya know we all can't be Rambo all the time."I took the blunt back from her and smoked it slow. "Well I think your hot in your uniform with your, big guns"She said with a intentional sexy look I'm sure. "Oh you like the guys in uniform?"I joked passing her back the blunt and blowing a clowd in her face. "I like you in your uniform."She paused for a minute taking a hit."Did you get to kill anyone?You never answered Billy when he asked you that earlier" "I didn't want to talk about it." She moved her body towards mine sitting in a Indian style position becoming very interested in my answer.It was at this point I realized just how short her shorts really were.With her legs crossed right in front of me I had full view of her shaved pussy.I tried not to look but it was right there.She passed be the blunt and soon found were my eyes were wondering.She looked down at her exposed pussy and looked up at me again with a look that can only be described as pure lust. "Are you looking at my pussy?" "Well it is right there to be looked at."I laughed smoking the blunt "I bet you jerked off over there thinking about all kinds of pussies to fuck." "Yeah well a guy has his needs." "So do girls."As she said this she reached down between her legs and started to rub her clit."I was getting so hot listening to you tell your stories of war.All night I wanted to take you in the bathroom and see how a real killer fucks." She pulled the shorts furthur to the side and let me get full view of this surprising show I was getting.I guess it was the booze but I hadn't done anything wrong I thought, she's touching herself.Kat opened her legs wide from her sitting position and put one leg on each side of me and leaded back against the arm of the couch really getting into her lustful desires.I smoked the blunt and watched.Her pussy looked like it belonged to a 13 year old, tight,18禁h漫免费漫画无码网站 bald and beautiful.I could see the wetness leaking from her now running down her inner thighs onto my couch.Her other hand finding her hard nipples, I was getting a great show.Katrina was about 5'7" 115 lbs. probable, with long jet black hair and green eyes.Her tits were smaller then Kimmie's but perfect for her frame, a small C I would guess.Her body was perfect, tight and limber which really made her bubbley ass that much more inticing.I was only wearing pajama pants myself so she could clearly see what her show was doing to me as my 7" grew to full erection. "Aww am I doing a good job?"She asked "I don't really know what your doing, but it's not bad."I replied still smoking the almost finished blunt. She closed her eyes and inserted two fingers into her dripping wet hole abd began to finger fuck her hole for me to watch as I smoked.With her eyes still closed she again asked, "Did you kill anyone over there?" I knew what this crazy girl wanted to hear and who was I to disapoint, "Yes I did." (This was a lie) "Oh God."She whimpered and her finger fucking became more intense."I want to be fucked my a killer." "You want me to fuck you?"I asked as I took another hit off the blunt. "I need you to fuck my ass so bad."She pleaded as she opened her eyes and looked straight at my hardon standing there under my pants."Well Kimmie is right there in the other room." "I'll make you forget about her right now."Her eyes never coming off the 7" buldge in my pants. She took her fingers out of her tight pussy and leaned forward sliding her hand under the waist of my pants grabbing my prick and stroked it with her pussy covered fingers. "I want this cock in my ass, I want to feel you explode in my asshole." "I don't know Kat." Frustrated at my still lack of interest she pulled my pants down to the floor and engulfed my cock down her throat faster then I could say no.I was really high at this point but knew that this was wrong.It was like a dream or something, about 36 hours ago I was in the 120 degree Iraqi desert and hadn't gotten laid in over 6 months.Now I was sitting on my couch smoking a blunt with this slut's mouth devouring my prick begging me to fuck her in the ass.My mind wasn't working right.I still hadn't done anything I thought, I just sat here on my couch to smoke a blunt and go to bed.But Katrina had other plans and she was determind to get what she wanted.I watch the back of her head moving up and down on my shaft, this unformiliar black hair, not my wife I continued to think.But it was good.I reached over her head and grabbed and put the blunt in the ashtray and grabbed my beer and took a big swig, sitting there drinking beer, getting head, smoking weed, this was R&R.But as my high and drunken mind began to think how I deserved and urned this she stopped. "I told you I want you to fuck my ass.If your not gonna fuck my ass then I'm jus gonna have to fuck you." She stoop in front of me and pulled my wife's shorts off of her ass very slow and sexy.Moving to the music Katrina began to rub her clit and her tits standing inbetween my legs.I wanted to fill her ass with cum, she was begging for it.She danced slowly turning her body away from me and showing me her backside.She shook her ass infront of me and I noticed for the first time her Tribal "Tramp Stamp" Tattoo on her lower back, fitting I remember thinking.Kat spread her legs infront of me and pulled her ass cheeks apart showing me the asshole that needed to be fucked so bad. "Spit on it."She Said. "Spit on my asshole."In more of a comanding tone, so it did as I was told. She reach behind her and rubbed the dripping spit onto her puckered anus.I spit again and this time she insterted a finger into her ass inches from my face.I knew we had already crossed the line and I would be fucked if Kimmie found out either way so stopping seemed useless at this point.Kat turned quickly and spit twice on my cock and spread the wet saliva all over the head of my dick."Spit on my ass again."She commanded.I did as I was told. She lowered her ass into my lap slowly, reaching behind her she took my cock and moved it to her waiting asshole moving the head in small circles around the hole.She moved down a little letting the head get pressure on her hole until my cock spread her anus and slide inside her.Then in a swift motion she sat down taking my full 7" in her with one quick motion.I watch as if not involved, a spectator to this erotic episode in my life.Leaning forward with her hands on the coffee table she moved her ass up and down my entire 7" never letting the head slip from her tight ass.I was in a dream, one of my many dreams of sexual desire I've had over the last 6 months.I let my drunken self believe this.I really had done nothing, she did everything and now she was fucking my cock hard and fast with her beautifully tight asshole.She leaned back against my chest and rubbed her clit as she road my cock. "Rub my tits."She said through her teeth.So I reached up and took her hard nipples and perky C tits into my hands.Surprisingly I felt bad about this because it was my first partisipation in this erotic sceen I felt. "You like riding the dick of a killer?"I asked her drunkly "Oh FUCK. YES.I need you to fill my asshole." "God your a slut"I said "Yes!I'm a slut.Fuck!I'm gonna cum"She said getting louder. I moved my hands from her tits and covered her mouth with one hand and took her by throat with the other. "You wanna get fucked like a slut by a killer?"I said playing into her little sick game Muffled sounds are all she made while I squeezed her throat tight and kept her mouth covered.But her pase quickened on my cock and she shook her mouth from my hand. "Oh fuck I'm gonna cum"She rubbed her clit faster and harder until I felt her ass squeeze my cock like a vice."FUCK! I'M CU...."She started to yell so I had to squeeze on her throat hard enough to make her stop, which she seemed to love.Then she just fell off my cock to the side and landed on the couch next to me. "Oh my fucking god!I knew it would be that good.Your dick made me cum so hard.But you didn't cum."She said with a let down kind of tone."I wanted to have a killer cum inside my ass" "Well me and Kimmie have been pretty much fucking none stop for 3 days and I'm drunk as shit so that might not happen tonight." "Not tonight?"A smile came cross her face, "Maybe later then?" "This was a mistake, I can't be doing this to Kimmie." "That's too bad.I would do anything to ride your dick some more." I paused. (Lightbulb!) "Well if Kimmie was involved it wouldn't be cheating.What if we could get her to join us?" "Oh god that would be so hot." "Well, I'm going 4 wheeling tomorrow, well today now sice it's so late.But you'll be here all day with Kimmie tomorrow.So see if you can't get something going before I get home, maybe some Noontime Margaritas, put the idea in her head before I even get home.Then Me , Dan, and Scott are gonna come back to party it up after riding.If you can get Kimmie to be up to it then maybe tomorrow night the 3 of us can have some fun." "Ok"She said with sly look."This is gonna be fun." I left it at that, and went to find my bed where my sleeping wife had been the entire time I fucked her girlfriends asshole. I felt kind of bad, but if we could make this happen tomorrow then somehow it would clear my conscience.To Be Continued...





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